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How To Decorate The Home For Halloween

Decorating the home for Halloween can sometimes be a daunting task! Where do we start? How will we afford it?


In every home there are things you can use for Halloween decor without needing to spend a penny! Here is a list of items you may have in your home which you can transform into Halloween decor;-

  • Cotton Wool Blanket – String it out above doorways and have bits dangling down like cobwebs – easy! If you have any red food colouring you could even splash the cotton wool with that to make it look like  blood!
  • An Old White Sheet – Cut two holes into the sheet for eyes and throw the sheet over a tall plant or chair to make it look like a ghost.
  • Red Lipstick – Write some scary words on some mirrors in your house.  The lipstick easily wipes off!
  • Coal – Prepare to get messy! get your hands covered in coal and streak some finger marks down your door to look like scratch marks. Again, the coal will easily come off.
  • Pumpkins – Put lit-up pumpkin’s around your garden this will give your house a really eerie feel.
  • Skeletons – Head to your nearest supermarket, poundland or other stores and buy some skeleton body’s plus string. When you get home go outside and hang them from tree branches or even in front of your door.

These are quick and free ways to decorate your home for Halloween! However if you choose to buy some decorations, head to your nearest pound shop where you will find loads of different things and at £1 its hard to go wrong!

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