How To Establish A School Routine After The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are soon coming to an end and before you know it the kids will be starting a brand new School term but how do you establish a back to school routine for when the holidays are over?

Here are a few helpful tips to establishing a school routine for your kids.

1. A few weeks before they start going back to school try to get your child to go to bed 15 minutes earlier and get up 15 minutes earlier in the morning. Then the following week increase this to 30 minutes and then the week they are due to go back to school increase it so that they are going to bed 1 hour earlier and getting up 1 hour earlier in the morning.

2. Get the school uniforms, backpacks and supplies a few weeks before school starts. Kids will be excited to use and wear of their new stuff

3. Invite their friends round as over the school holidays they may have lost touch,  so schedule some play dates with friends to help your child start to think about getting back to school and seeing their friends again

4. Re-establish regular routines that you did before the kids went on holiday such as a family dinner or a story before bedtime

5. Organize a homework area and get them to put set up a desk or area to put their new suppliers as they will get excited about using their new pads, pencils etc.

6. Establish an after school routine where you discuss their day, get them to do their homework then have an event organised for them such as watching their favourite program or film

7. Buy a day planner and show your child how to use it. The planner should track homework, projects, family commitments and other fun activities

8. Set clothes out the night before school. Help them stay organised by encouraging your child to get their clothes out themselves (perhaps with some guidance) to prevent them running around the next morning looking for their clean school uniform

What will you do to establish a school routine after the Summer holidays? Comment below and let us know.

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