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How To Exfoliate and Get Your Face Ready for Summer

Regularly using an exfoliate scrub on your face can help you look healthier and make your skin feel softer – especially with summer approaching.

It can also help prevent blocked pores and blackheads, however if you suffer with skin problems you should only use very gentle products.

There are lots of different face scrubs available on the market today at each price level.  So how do you use an exfoliater on your face?

We used Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub and Deep Cleansing pore strips which we were kindly sent.

Here are a few tips when exfoliating your face:

1. If you have any make-up on your face, remove it before you start to exfoliate and put your hair up
2. Splash some warm water on your face
3. Use your chosen exfoliate product we used Biore Unclogging Scrub which is oil-free and does not have an over powering smell.  The scrub has lots of beads making it perfect to target our problem area and left our skin not feeling red raw but smooth and cool.
4. Gently run the scrub on your face going upwards in circular motions
5. Wash off with warm water
6. Put on some moisturizer

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You can buy Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub Here from Boots.

Please note that you should only use exfoliators which are labelled for your face and not exfoliators for the body.  Biore’s unclogging scrub is non-comedogenic which basically mean wont clog up your pores.

Once Mandy from the UTCT team had used this she said her face didn’t feel tight or dry which it has done with some previous exfoliators but it felt smooth, soft and even moisturized.

There you have it! A How To exfoliate your face.

Summer is like a event – it approaches you so fast you forgot certain things,  however getting you’re face ready now can leave you looking great and your skin glowing.

Before hitting the beach with clogged up pores and feeling like you really want to reach for your foundation before anyone notices,  start you summer face regime today.

With simple steps,  you can renew your skin and get rid of any blemishes, blackhead and dry skin before you bare all to the world!

After exfoliating Mandy decided to give her blackhead’s the ultimate ‘leave our face or die treatment!’ and used Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips which came in a pack of 6, unlike other pore strips these ones stuck to her nose the second we put them on.

“There was no movement and i felt like i could carry on doing what i was doing before without the fear of it turning up on the sides and coming off.” said Mandy part of the UTCT Team.

“After around 12-15 minutes, i slowly peeled off starting at the edge of the strip and in towards the centre.  Once the strip came off my nose felt really fresh and after looking at the strip you cold tell that it worked”.

You can buy Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Here from Boots

What are you tips when exfoliating your face?  What products do you use to get your skin ready for summer?  Comment below and let us know.

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