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How to get the kids to start doing chores

When we were little raking leaves, polishing the ornaments and taking out the bins were all part of growing up.  Being bribed with cash or goodies never really came into the equasion we just got up and took our shot.

However in 2013 is seems not all kids are just as willing to get stuck in. With either pocket money or some sort of reward having to be offered up before kids get up and do thier share of the chores should be be encouraging children to do something for nothing and how do we get them to do this?

Below are a few fun and helpful suggestions on how to get the kids to start doing chores – even if Mum and Dad have to end up re-doing it.

1) Show that doing something for nothing in return is a fulfilling idea:  Put away those purses, put down the Xbox remote and show children that doing something for nothing can be very fulfilling, without the need of a treat.  Do this by helping them with any project they feel are a slight burden on them, or by helping out a friend and telling your child how much they appreciated it. Your child will then known for themselves how much it helped when you gave them a hand without asking for anything in return.

2) Sit down and talk:  Nagging is not something anyone likes to do or might we add hear either however when asking your kids to do something which they have still not done repeatedly can be very boring, so sit them down and talk to them. Ask why they haven’t done it? why you wanted them to do it? and try and motivate them to getting the job done.


3) Set up a routine:  When your child is of a young age why not set up a routine straight away, you can even have fun while doing this for example – time how long it takes to make their bedroom clean or do the dishes and try every week to beat this target. If you set this routine up at an early age natural progression then takes place and your child will do these tasks without even thinking.

4) Don’t use as a punishment:  It’s simple if your child has been bad don’t give them the punishment of doing chores as they will then only associate helping out if they have been bad.

5) Reward system:  If you feel that your child deserves to be rewarded for their weeks worth of chores then do so! This article isn’t about stopping your child from revenge a reward but to encourage then not to look for one instantly when asked to do something.


However offering up money or a treat can show children that working hard for something can pay off.  This would also encourage young adults to look for jobs and do their best when at the job.

6) If all else fails:  You have talked, bribed and even nagged your child but they still wont do it? Simple take away all treats and tell then until the jobs are done they are stuck in the house with Mum and Dad!

Does your child help with household jobs? Do you find it difficult to get your kids to help out? Tell us your thoughts and comment using our comments box below:

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