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How To Get The Perfect ‘At Home’ Manicure With OPI

Getting that perfect at home manicure can be really difficult, our nails never look the same when they’re done by ourselves than they do when they’ve been done by a manicurist – Its the bane of my life!

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Fear not ladies! we have teamed up with OPI to show you how to get the perfect at home manicure!

First thing’s first, you will need clean nails – free of oil, shine and most importantly nail polish!

Step 1 – File and shape your nails. If you have any rough edges, file your nails in one direction to reach your desired shape. Do not saw your file to and fro on your nails, as you risk splitting them. If you have ridges in your nails, you can either buff these, or trim your nails.

Step 2 – Lets start by using OPI Chip Skip. The chip skip if used before applying your base coat will help to keep your nail polish in once piece – perfect for our chip prone nails! The brush is really small making precision easy.

Step 3 – The chip skip dries almost instantly, so there’s no wait time. You can go onto applying the next product which is the OPI Nail Envy. This is the ultimate in base coats – your nails will feel strong and look shiny.

Step 4 – Apply the colour in three even strokes – one down the middle, and then at each side to ensure an even coverage. Wait a few minutes and then apply a second coat. We used OPI’s Euro Centrale collection, which has everything from pale pastels, through to summer brights. We decided to put one colour on each nail so you can see all of the colours.

Step 5 – We used OPI Drip Dry Drops to make out manicure dry quickly and smudge free. A couple of drops of this on each nail will see your nails dry in no time!

Step 6 – If you made any mistakes with your manicure, then fear not! OPI have released a corrector pen to help you to tidy up those rough edges.

 OPI Correct And Clean Up Pen

Step 7 – The next thing to do is apply some hand and nail cream. OPI have their own, the OPI Avoplex High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream. Massage this into your hands and leave the cream to sit for a few moments before moving onto the next step.

OPI Hand And Nail Cream

Final Step – Apply some cuticle oil to your cuticles,  massaging them for a few seconds. This helps to stimulate growth and really helps to add that professional finish to your manicure!

Here’s a picture of our nails after our at home manicure!

 OPI Nails Completed

How do you do your nails at home? Why not share your pictures of your at home manicures?

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