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How To Get The Perfect Bun

Are you looking for advice on how to get the perfect bun for your hair? Here is some tips on how to achieve the perfect bun:

1. Part your hair to the side and then pull it back into a low tight ponytail. Twirl the length of the ponytail into a tight coil and spin it clockwise – make sure you get all of the ends tucked in

2. Stick a pin in to the edge of the coil, towards your scalp

3. Just before the tip of the pin hits your scalp, turn the pin in the opposite direction and push it back down the center of the bun. Four pins should be enough to keep your bun secure

4. Apply hairspray. Put some strong hairspray in your hair to flatten rough pieces and flyaways

And that’s it! This is just one way to help you get the perfect bun! What do you do to get the perfect bun? Comment below and let us know.

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