How to Get Your Kids Motivated to Exercise

Does your child love to sit and watch TV and do you find it difficult to get your child motivated to do some fun exercise? Check out our fun ways to get the kids motivated to exercise.

Motivating kids should not be seen as a task but more of an activity for example most kids are likely to play a game of chase than they would run round a track.

Each child is different so when you do suggest different activities see what one’s your kids respond to the best and try to incorporate these into everyday.

Going for a walk.  The whole family can go, even the dog!  Why not take some pen and paper where your child can write down a checklist of every animal and bug they see.  This makes walking far more fun and will even help you learn about new creatures.

Play Time.  Hide-and-go-seek, chase, hopscotch – there are many games children love to play and more often or not children will go and play without needing to be told.

Surprises.  Kids loved to be surprised, so why not take the opportunity to surprise your child with something fun to do which will make them get up and burn off all that energy. Whether it’s going on a bike ride or even just buying a new ball kids will have hours of fun doing something different.


Let them choose.  Ask your kids to pick what activity they want to do as a family, not only will they have creative ideas but because they choose it he/she will try their hardest at it.

Scheduled. Just like homework, there should be a set time in the day where children have to turn off the consoles and pick up a skipping rope, hula hoop or other fitness items.

Helping mum and dad.  Kids loved to help out and while mum and dad are in garden or in the kitchen, sending you child to do small jobs for you will get them up and moving.  Don’t forget to praise your child after helping you because this will give them encouragement to do more the next time.

Competitions.  Track, record and have a fun competition. Children, without being nagged,  have a competitive streak and if there is a small reward at the end (such as a new bat) you will be amazed at how much they will achieve.

Go a day away.  Exercising shouldn’t be just be about boring running, but heading out to your local swimming pool or ice rink can also include as part of a healthy exercise regime.  Children won’t be bored as they can interact with other children there and mum and dad can even join in all the fun too!

How do you get your kids motivated to exercise? Tell us and others your thought by using our easy comments box below.

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