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How To Get Your Luggage To Weigh Less

We all know what its like, your going on holiday so you pack basically everything except the kitchen sink.

You get to the airport, put your luggage on the scales and then panic because you automatically think ‘This is going to over in weight’ So when you see its under weight you think ‘next time I’m not going to pack so much’ but next time you go on holiday the exact same thing happens again. So what can you do to help make your luggage weigh less?

First thing is go and get one the world’s lightest luggage suitcases for example there are 30″ suitcases which weight 2.12kgs in weight which is the equivalent to 2 bags of sugar. By getting one of these suitcases you have instantly gained extra weight to either take more clothing etc in your suitcase or when you are coming back home you can bring more gifts etc.

Next thing to try is try and plan your outfits for each day and night. Put all of the items you are taking with you on the floor or you bed and start putting together your outfits and see where you can double up on certain items with different outfits for example if you are taking 3 pairs of high heels, try and see if you can cut out one pair by teaming up the other shoes a couple of times with different outfits.

Really think about what your going to need when your on holiday when taking toiletries. Shampoo, condition, mouthwash etc are all fairly heavy items to have in your luggage so why not try and take a smaller size of each of your items. You can get travel size mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant and lots more.

If you have an e-book reader take that instead of taking heavy hardback books or when you arrive at your hotel ask them what books they have

Check with your hotel and see if they have a hairdryer which you can use so that you can leave this heavy item at home

If you are taking hangers with you try and take wire hangers because they weigh less than wooden or plastic ones

When you are on the plane, wear some of your heavier items of clothes such as a coat or a jumper to try and reduce the amount of heavier items going in to your suitcase

Roll up your clothes when your packing not only does it save space but your clothes won’t get wrinkled

When you are returning home, leave any toiletries that you don’t need or you are finished with in the hotel bin so that you can bring back anything that you may have bought when you have been on holiday and it won’t take up any more weight

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent a Cabin Zero Ultra Light Cabin Bag which has as massive 44 litre capacity so its big enough for your stuff! The bag can be carried like a backpack as it has two thick padded straps which do not rub on your shoulders or you can carry it using the handle which is at the side of the bag. The bag has a zip to shut the bag and also has four strong clips to make sure your bag stays secure. It is very light to carry and can store plenty of your luggage.. The cabin bag also has a built in tracker which is powered by Okoban. The tracker makes sure that if you forget your bag on the plane (or if it is checked in and lost by the airline) that it can always be identified back to you. Overall, this bag is perfect to keep your cabin luggage as light as possible.

What are your tips on how to get your luggage to weigh less? Comment below and let us know.

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