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How To Have A Low Cost Entertaining Weekend At Home

With the weekend right on our doorsteps, we all want to take advantage of the time off work and enjoy time with our family and friends.

We’ve put together this guide on how to have a low cost entertaining weekend at home!

The great thing about the weekend is the television is always fantastic, particularly on a Saturday night.  Right now, we have X Factor 2013 on our door steps to keep us entertained.

The programmes are interactive and really bring the family together for an entertaining, low cost night.

Together with the television, you could prepare a buffet for dinner instead of a meal, where everyone gets to pick what they want to eat throughout the night. The buffet can be prepared throughout the day and left to cool and be served in the evening.

In terms of other entertainment, put on a CD and listen to it in the background while you all talk and play games together as a family or friends.

During the day, you can get outside into the garden and read, or you can play games with your children.

Alternatively, if the weather is nice, you can spend the day lounging outside with the radio on, a good book and a glass of wine… ahh bliss!

Having a low cost entertaining weekend at home has never been so easy and yet so fun!

What will you be doing this weekend with your family? Comment below and let us know.

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