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How To Make a Coloured Pasta Necklace

From bright colours, to lots of different shapes, sizes and sparkles, making your very own pasta necklace is fun, creative and whats more already in the kitchen cupboard!

Below are some easy steps on how to make a coloured pasta necklace.

All you need is:

  • Pasta – Different shapes and sizes are all great! – for stringing pasta you will need tube form e.g – Macaroni and penne
  • Food colouring – As many colours as you want.
  • plastic bag
  • rubbing alcohol
  • string/yarn/thin rope
  • paper towels

Let’s get started:

1)  Using your plastic bag drop around 1 tablespoon of the rubbing alcohol and a few drops of the food colouring and shake.

2)  Place your uncooked pasta inside the zip bag and shake until colour has evenly spread over all pasta tubes.

3)  Pour your pasta tubes onto the paper towels and leave until fully dried.  WARNING:  Food colouring can stain worktops, clothes, little or big hands so make sure to wear gloves and cover your worktops and clothing before doing this.


4)  Get ready for the threading.  Cut the length you will need for your little one and tie a knot at the end.  The knot must be big enough for the pasta to stay.

5)  Get your child to start putting the pasta on, use different sizes and colours to make the necklace look like its came straight from the catwalk.

Tah-Dah! you have officially made your very own colourful pasta necklace.

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Keeping the kids busy over summer break can be a tough task however children love to get creative and once in a while a little messy so this is the perfect opportunity to get arty with items straight from home.

Tip: Why not keep this idea for a rainy day where the whole family can get involved and even have a fashion show at the end?

Have you ever made your own pasta necklace? How did you make yours stand out?  Tell us your ideas and thoughts below using our easy and fast comments box.

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