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How to make a ‘Satan Claus’ Halloween Costume

Find out how you can make a ‘Satan Claus’ Halloween costume – all you need is a Santa claus outfit, white curly beard, some face paint, fake blood, a pair of scissors and a whole lot of Merry madness!

Wondering what Santa Claus dresses up for Halloween? Just like every boy, girl and adult when it comes to the fright fest even Santa wants to get dressed up and scare the elves.

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All you need is:

  • Santa Claus costume & red cape
  • White curly beard
  • Face paint
  • Fake blood or black spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Plastic pitch fork
  • plastic horns

Step by step instructions for the costume:

Step 1.  Cut the sleeves on the Santa clause outfit to make triangles, this gives the flame effect, do this to the bottom of the trousers too.

Step 2.  Take santa’s winter white beard and either spray paint black or pour fake blood over. This should only take a few minutes to do and allow to dry.

Step 3.  Paint your face bright red once dry you can paint big black circles around the eyes, this will make Santa…sorry we mean Satan look like he’s just made the naughty list.

Step 4.  Once you have put on the costume, tie the cape around and finish off by painting your hands a mixture of creepy colours and holding your pitch fork!

You will never want to be on Santa’s bad side again with this great Halloween outfit!

You can buy all of these products here at Tesco Direct, Asda Direct or even Very.co.uk

What Christmas character would you turn rogue for Halloween?  

Share your dress up ideas, tips, blogs and more below.

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