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How To Make A Snowman Christmas Wreath

Making your own Christmas Wreath should be fun and simple, with the right accessories and a little festive cheer you can turn a plain wreath into something special. Hobbycraft kindly sent us the items to make this snowman!

With just a few accessories including a much needed glue gun and some felt paper this Snowman wreath really will put a smile on your friends and family’s faces as they are greeted by this old chap.

Learn how to make a snowman christmas wreath below using our step by step guide or you can simply press the play button and watch how Katy made it on our official YouTube demonstration channel below:

Let’s Get Started:

For this project Hobbycraft sent us in all the much needed products:

  • 12 inch and 8 inch rattan wreaths
  • White spray paint
  • Black stick on felt sheet, Black and orange card
  • 24 mm eyes, Snowflake knitted ribbon and Red grosgrain ribbon
  • Felt mistletoe and Felt robin decoration
  • Wire, Glue Gun and Glue sticks and Blue Tack

Step 1.  Bind the two rattan wreaths together using the wire, to do this simply keep wrapping the wire around until you feel the head and body are securely on, this didn’t take too much wire to do.

Step 2.  Using the white spray paint, which you have to shake for around one minute (your arm will ache after doing this) then spray them until completely covered.   Please ensure to put black bags down so surfaces don’t get marked and even wear a mask as it does smell.   You will have to wait around 30-50 mins until it is touch ready, ours only took around 45 minutes to be ready.

Step 3.  Using the self adhesive felt draw a hat shape, cut and then peel of backing and stick to the the head, hold down for a f seconds just to ensure it stays. Using your glue gun (which takes around 5 minutes to heat up) cut and stick some gorgeous ribbon to give his hat that festive feel.

Please note: The glue gun does get warm so please ensure little fingers stay away.

Step 4.  Taking a length or ribbon (its up to you how long and what colour) we used red and white polka dot simply toe around the neck area and double knot to make a scarf – you don’t want Mr Snowman to get cold!

Step 5.  Using the green felt cut out some mistletoe ours didn’t really look like mistletoe but more just leaves) and glue together, then attach using your glue gun. Give your little friend some company by gluing on a red robin.

Step 6.  Cut a semi-circular piece of orange car, roll into a cone shape and glue the end.

Step 7.   Now you have done everything to make this little guy come to life, simply attach him to a door and place the googly eyes and carrot nose to the door to make a face using bluetack.

And you are done! You, your friends and family will simply love the 3D Snowman Wreath and will be at awe on how you made it.

UnderTheChristmasTree had so much fun creating this snazzy little guy and when we took the challenge on to make it using HobbyCrafts products and instructions we can safely say we though it was going to be pretty hard and long however couldn’t believe how easy it was to do and the only time we had to wait was for the spray paint to dry – but that was just enough time for a coffee!

If you would like to create your very own 3D Snowman Christmas Wreath please visit Hobbycraft where you will be able to buy all the products and even challenge yourself to something harder.

Do you make your own xmas decorations and if so what?  Let us and other know by using our comments box below.

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