How To Make Summer Fun For Teenagers

Spending Time With Your TeenagerIs your teenage son or daughter at home for the summer holidays while the schools are off? Are they sitting indoors not doing very much saying that they have nothing to do?

Why not  try these ideas on how to make summer fun for teenagers:

1. Have a barbeque: If the weather is nice why not get the barbeque on, get their favourite food and drink and get the family together for a fun BBQ.

2. Go to the beach: Head on down to the beach, get a picnic ready maybe let them invite a friend along and go for a fun day at the beach and build sandcastles or play volleyball

3. Camping in your back garden: Why not get the tent set up get some of their friends round and let them go camping in the back garden, not only will they have  lots of fun but the will be in the safety of their own back garden

4. Baking: If they haven’t baked before, why not teach them how to bake and they mind find that they actually enjoyed doing it, they may have just discovered a new hobby

5. Have a movie night: Let everyone choose a film that they would like to see, get some popcorn and juice and put the film on, you may even pick the same film to watch

6. Re-decorate a room: Ask you teen to help you re-decorate a room and include them in every decision that you make about the decoration of room, form the planning to the finishing touches, they will feel involved and it will Father And Son Spending Some Quality Time Togetherencourage team work

7. Game night: As much as they may not want to get involved in playing a family game, try and encourage them to do so such as the Nintendo Wii or challenge them to a fun card game, everyone will soon be laughing and be getting involved

8. Head to the cinema: Ask your teen what film that’s on at the cinema that they would like to see and try and take an interest in the film

9. Make a treasure hunt: Get your teen to invite some of their friends round to the house and set up a treasure hunt by hiding clues around the garden

10. Go on a shopping trip: Head to your local shopping area and help each other pick out clothes, shoes etc then head off and get some lunch together

11. Head away for the day to a theme park: Go to somewhere like Alton Towers for the day and let your teen invite a friend along, they will have lots of fun and with their friend there, they won’t feel like they are missing that their friends are doing.

12. Why not go for a pub lunch: Head to your local pub for a lunch and a drink (non-alcoholic for the kids), it will give them something fun to talk to their friends about and they will realize how much fun spending time with the family can be

What fun things will you being to make summer fun for your teenager? Comment below and let us know.

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