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How To Make Your Own Fathers Day Card

With Fathers Day right around the corner (16th June!), we thought we’d put together a guide on making your own unique Fathers Day card.

You will of course, need a piece of card and an envelope to start with. You can decorate your Fathers Day Card by using;-

Magazine Cut Outs – You can cut out some magazine letters and pictures and use some prit stick to stick it onto the card.

Paint – Using poster paints, you can paint your card with different colours and patterns – or you can stick to one colour and wait until it dries and then glue on some magazine clips as we mentioned above!

Glitter – Now this is a messy one, don’t say we didn’t warn you! You can use glue and glitter to draw or write on the card.

Felt Tip Pens – You could have your child draw a picture of their dad on the card and write their name on the inside!

Computer art! – If you want to avoid mess but still get the effect of something personal, you can print out a pattern online and colour it in yourself.

Buttons or Pennies – You could glue buttons or pennies onto a card to spell a word.

Hand Or Footprint – For small children, you could dip their hand or foot in paint and press against the card! this is a great keepsake and would be extra personalised.

There are lots of different ways to make your own fathers day card, using some simple materials and your imagination! To all of you celebrating, Happy Fathers Day from all of us here are underthechristmastree.co.uk.

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