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How to organise the perfect Christmas celebration without overstretching the purse strings

Fancy getting your loved ones together for a festive celebration but worried about the cost? Organising a Christmas party doesn’t mean you have to shell out an exorbitant amount. Indeed, there are plenty of affordable ways to throw a festive bash.

Christmas Champagne

Here are some things you might want to consider before starting your preparations, including how to set a budget and where to do your shopping to make it as affordable as possible.

Plan your budget

Christmas Planning
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In order to plan your budget, make a detailed list of all the things you need for the party. Remember to plan for all the food, decorations, snacks and gifts (if you’re giving any away) to give you an idea of what you’re going to spend.

If you’re a little surprised at how much it’s going to cost and you want to trim it down, start prioritising certain items. For example, send out invites on social media instead of buying paper invites and sending them through the post.

Then, if you want to cut down more, sacrifice some decorations so you can splurge on some great food. It’s what the holiday season is about, after all. Then hit the shops, using Argos discount codes to get the best deal for all your party accessories.

Most importantly, decide who is on your guestlist before starting your budget planning. If you’re inviting a handful of people, it might be easier to host your party at home. And no matter how many people you’re inviting, you can always count on them to bring plenty of booze.


Music At Christmas
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To bring plenty of Christmas cheer to your party, think about what kind of entertainment you’re going to put on. This doesn’t have to be anything lavish or extravagant; entertaining your guests can be as simple as organising a Secret Santa or hooking up a microphone to the TV for a karaoke session.

To bring an extra layer of fun, why not make it a fancy dress party? You can then hold a competition for the best costume and award the winner with a small gift.


Image of santa carrying Christmas presents
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If you want to go one step further and give gifts to all your guests, create little party bags full of festive sweets, soaps or even homemade goodies that you’ve made yourself. Jams, chutneys and gingerbread are always sure-fire hits at this time of year, and they’re all remarkably easy to make!


Mulled Wine
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Make it a Christmas party to remember (or not) with a bubbling cauldron of mulled wine. There’s nothing like the smell of star anise, cinnamon and orange, all simmering in a rich red wine to get the party started.