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How to save money on baby clothing

Here’s our BIG predictionbaby’s grow fast! and although you want to spoil your little one and not scrimp on all your baby essentials facts are facts – they will grow out of clothes extremely fast.

Parents will spends hundreds of pounds before baby is born and after only to realise half of the clothes either don’t fit or last for around a few weeks, this can become extremely costly.

Altering simple spending habits including where you buy, how many you buy and limiting what you buy can save you money and your bouncing bundle of joy won’t even notice.

Below are a few tips on how to save money on baby clothing:

Online Auction shops

eBay/Ebuyer or other online auction sites has hundreds if not hundreds of thousands items listed every day and many of them will be parents looking to sell baby clothing which either has never been worn or on once, so get in their and snap it up.  If you are wary of buying baby clothes on eBay simply put them on a boil wash before putting on your little one.  Many shops, retailers and stock clearances go on auction sites so you are likely to find lots of baby boy and girls clothing brand new. Once you have finished with your items don’t forget to list them up and try and make your cash back.

Car Boot Sales

Get your local newspaper out or visit local website’s to find out when the next car boot sale is on, as just about every other car has brand new baby clothing for sale and what’s better you can actually talk face to face with other parents who are selling them to find out how often the item was used (if it was ever used) and hopefully strike a bargain if buying two or more items.

Charity Shops

Another fantastic source of clothing and accessories which most seem to not bother checking as some may feel it has been used and is just cheap old tat, however this is by far not the case. Most charity shops are full of little treasures which are not only perfect for the savvy mum and dad but most clothing is still either in original packaging or brand new with tags on. Was on a high temperature to ensure it is sparkly clean before putting on.

Put your purse away

You have already bought three packs of eight cute funny socks – you don’t need anymore! these will unlikely fit in a few weeks time and you will then go and buy more and spend a small fortune. Limiting the amount of clothing and accessories you buy can help so before you head out to your nearest baby shop make a list and stick to no matter how cute or funny the “this is not a bib mum just put my cape on backwards” bibs are.

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Shop online and check the sales

Before hitting the busy shops, sit back and check the online sales first. Companies such as George at Asda, John Lewis and Debenhams all have regular sale’s and discount’s available plus with useful discount code and vouchers you could save even more money.


We are all bound to know one or two other parents who have just had children so why not pop over and ask if they have any spare baby clothes for your newborn. Your tiny tot will grow so fast that using your friends clothes would be a temporary but great money saving idea, once done give to other friends or family member or head to a charity and place in the shop for other mums and dads.

Get some freebies

Before your little one is born why not tell friends and family to buy your baby new clothes but to make it for 6 months or older, this ensures you have a whole host of new clothes plus if your baby grows fast you are not stuck and end up having to spend a fortune. Ask family members even for vouchers so you can go and get what you piratically need, not only does this save a host of clothes being unused and never seen but your family and friends don’t feel offended if you little one doesn’t wear what they bought.

Having a baby is a joyous occasion but at the same time can be very worrying for some families due to budget. These tips should help you spread the cost meaning you can either save or like most buy that buggy you really wanted!

Do you have any how to money saving tips on baby clothes? if so please share them with everyone using our comments box below.

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