How to save money on your office essentials

work at home office essentialsRun a business from home? or take the office with you wherever you go? either way it is inevitable that you will need office essentials.

With prices going up, income getting lower and families tightening the purse strings it can be hard to find those extra few pounds for the office.

Everything from an office chair to a phone line can mount up and make it harder for you to invest on the things that you really do need for your business.

Here are a few how to’s on saving money when buying office essentials.

Head to the auctions and source online

Auction sites like eBay/eBuyer gives you the opportunity to browse through hundreds if not thousands of companies who offer low-cost and high quality equipment. If you are looking for furniture such as desk and chair buying a second hand one can make a difference to your budget, meaning money can be spent on other products.  Heading to your local auctions you can sometimes find a hidden gem at a low cost so make sure to check papers for dates. Buying in bulk online can also help to save money plus if you source out liquidators you can often find large amounts equipment for a lower price.

Buy less paper and ink

These days with email, Skype and social media there are now so many different options for you to contact old and new clients so instead of buying bulk loads of paper which sit under the desk and you end up buying more… encase you run out send emails, contact via social media and chat via Skype. This will help to significantly reduce your costs and even help the environment.

Buying the right broadband

One of the complete essentials for any business is having a broadband line. Investing in the right broadband is critical as it needs to be reliable and high-preforming. Interruptions could mean loss of work and could then in turn cost you money even if just in time. Source around for the best price and once found why not phone the company and see if anyone can offer you a better package even if it is just a £30 gift card.

Laptop, computer and Ipads

One will do! and with more laptops being three in one (laptop, ipad and desktop) checking for the best deal or taking out a contract could make the difference between saving £50-£100. If you don’t need all singing all dancing laptop then don’t feel pressured into buying one, take a look at the features, whats included and price then ask yourself ‘do i really need that’.

Office essentials do mount up and hopefully this how to save money on your office essentials has given you some ideas. All that’s left to do is to decide on our biggest office essential…. Chocolate hobnobs or plain Digestive?

Have a tip on saving on office essentials? share them with everyone and comment using our comments box below.

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