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How To Save Money This Christmas

Wondering how you are going to afford all those Christmas goodies?  Check out our handy tips on how you can save money this Christmas.

Saving Money Christmas

We earn a commission for products purchase through some links in this article.

Just thinking about setting aside enough money to cover our ever increasing Christmas shopping list sends many of us into a melt down – the answer is often the same – stick your head in the sand until it goes away! but it doesn’t and as the big day gets closer we madly buy what we see without any regard for price.

It’s only when the credit card bill thumps onto the floor that we realise what we’ve spent and vow to be better prepared ‘next year’ but will we?

1.  Buy off peak –  A great way to save money this Christmas would be to start shopping in the summertime.   I have a friend who, every year, does her Christmas shopping in the January sales, where she snaps up bargains on items that don’t have ‘sell by’ dates on them and when Christmas comes around she has loads of free time to visit family and friends.

2.  Check the offers –  Many different brands have offers on, both now and in the run up to Christmas, where people can buy two products and get 1 product free, or ‘buy one get one half price’.  This comes in particularly useful for when you are buying in bulk.

3.  Browse first – On our internet travels we saw an 8ft Christmas Tree being sold on Amazon for £19.99 reduced from £89.99.  Just by choosing the right time of year to buy, you can save a large amount of money.

4.  Earn extra cash locally – Head to your local car boot sale.  We sent Mandy to a car boot sale in our local area and she found a giant Rudolph soft toy which still had the tags on it for £3 and a box of assorted Christmas decorations which included musical ornaments, baubles and more for just £5.  Bargains!

Aldi Slow Gin Mincemeat Tart

5.  Budget! Budget! We all want to give our family ‘the best’ at Christmas but being the most expensive doesn’t always mean quality.  So, when it comes to your turkey, don’t be a retail snob and taste with your mouth not with your eyes.

6. Shopping coupons – Save your shopping vouchers.  You know those annoying loyalty cards that every store is asking you to join up to? Join up to them, they may be annoying, but the more you spend, the more you save and you can turn those savings into Christmas gifts or even pay for your food shop.

7.  Don’t always buy the “must-have” toy – Kids don’t value a gift by what it costs, it’s us that are the retail snobs, not the kids.  It wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve spent a small fortune on toys ‘we’ think they’ll like only to find them having great fun with the box or wrapping paper while the expensive gift lies in a corner.  So, our advice would be don’t spend more than is essential on gifts.

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8.  Earn money on Auction sites – eBay is also another great outlet for saving money and not just for buying, but for selling as well.  We all have things lying around at home whether they be clothing or unwanted gifts, so why not sell them on eBay and make a little extra cash to spend on loved ones over Christmas? eBay now offer all their customers 20 free listings per month meaning you can list your unwanted things for free!

9.  Don’t buy for EVERYONE! – You’re Christmas budget is already spent and the office staff have decided to give each other gifts this year.   Before the panic sets in, pipe up and suggest a Secret Santa with a maximum value of  £5, £10 or £20, you’ll not be the only one breathing a huge sigh of relief.

10.  Competitions – Try comping, whether it’s taking part in our competitions or heading off to twitter and Facebook, try your hand at a few competitions, if your lucky and win, this could be someone’s Xmas present.

Christmas is a wonderful time for families and blowing a full wage packet and savings on unnecessary gifts just makes it stressful instead of fun.

So our FINAL top Christmas money saving tip is… Making a list, Checking it twice, –  and STICK TO IT – you’ll be surprised just how much you can trim off your budget.

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