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How To Shape Your Nails into an Oval

From time to time we want to change the shape of our nails, from keeping up with the latest trends or just simply you want a change. So here are some tips to help you achieve the oval shape for your nail:

The oval nail can be feminine and graceful however filing an oval nail shape can be rather difficult because slight imperfections can make your nail look unbalanced.

  1. To achieve the oval shape start by straightening your sidewalls and make sure that they even
  2. Then start filing from the side of your nail toward the top using smooth, arching motions with the file
  3. Then work on your angles on both sides and around the free edge to smooth into the oval shape you are looking for
  4. The finished oval should have a nice balance between cuticle shape and the free edge

What nail shape do you prefer? What are your tips for achieving the oval shape for your nails? Comment below and let us know.

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