How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Summer

Think-Road-SafetyIt’s coming up Summer time, you’ve got day trips planned but you need to make sure that you are safe when you and your family are on the road.

So what can you do try and stay safe?

Plan your route: Make sure that you know where you are travelling to and get directions if your unsure of the directions to avoid getting lost

Seat BeltsCheck everyone’s seat belt: Before you set off on your tip make sure everyone is buckled in safely before you set off on your trip

Drive safely: This may seem obvious advice, but make sure you follow the rules of the road, keep calm and keep at a nice steady speed

Get enough rest: Safety is the top priority, if the driver is getting drowsy, its time to give them a break or stop for the night. Don’t risky the safety of yourself and others around you trying to get to your destination a few hours earlier. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before you are travelling

Get a pre-trip inspection: Get your car fully serviced before hitting the roads as breaking down on the road is dangerous and can cost a lot of money to repair your carMobile Phone

Prepare for emergencies: Pack a first aid kit and put it in the car and a toolkit incase you you get a flat tire

Pack food and water: These are a necessity for any long trips but they are also helpful in the event
of an emergency, so pack extra supplies of water and non-perishable snacks

Remember your mobile phone and charger: Make sure that you have a fully charged mobile and a charger

What are your tips for keeping safe on the road this summer? Comment below and let us know.

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