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How to write the perfect letter to Santa Claus

Children from all over the world will write a letter to Santa Claus, telling him how good and kind they have been and what they would like to receive for Christmas.

Now, Santa is one generous guy, but you know just how busy he can get over Christmas and sometimes may even forget a few things – apart from taking those sweet treats you leave out on Christmas Eve

Below is a step by step article on How to write the perfect letter to Santa Claus:

1.  Introducing yourself, let the jolly fellow know who you are, what age and where about’s you stay, he loves it when children help him out and so does dolphin as it helps his journey!

2.  Begin your letter with “Dear Santa Claus” and then start a new paragraph. The next paragraph should state a little about yourself such as name, age, what nice things you have done throughout the year for other people.

3.  Thank him for last years gifts, this shows you have not just thrown them aside and makes him feel appreciated.

Why not print off our picture and fill in all the details.


5.  Always make sure to tell Santa you know how busy he is but also what a good job Mrs Claus and his loyal elves are doing. It’s all about team work at Christmas so he will appreciate this and Mrs Claus will make sure your presents are placed in his sleigh with extra care.

6.  Tell him what you would like for Christmas and why. Remember don’t be to greedy and ask for too much, keep it to things you really, really want and if you would like something for your family pop it on too.

7.  Finishing your letter. Finish your letter always with a big Thank-You and don’t forget to say thanks to the hardworking reindeer and elves. Add some xoxo for kisses and hug’s and even as a little reminder to Santa that you will make sure to leave out extra treats for him on Christmas eve.

8.  Sign your name at the bottom and even put a little picture on this too.


  • Write your letter to Santa late November/early December, so you give him plenty of time to get organised.
  • Make sure your writing is neat and tidy
  • Use nice paper and pens when writing to Santa – he LOVES the colour red
  • Say nice things about Mrs Claus, the elves and don’t forget to mention his reindeer
  • Always tell him if you have been good and what you have done and why you should be on his nice list

We hope this How to write the perfect letter to Santa Claus article will help you get the things you want from Santa.

When will your write your letter to Santa?
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