How toys can help educate children

Most toys are designed to help teach children something and you can start their education from the minute they are born by engaging with what they are doing.

Every day children learn through all the fun things they do and see and it is through play that children learn about themselves and others.

As they grow a little older then there are loads of great toys on the market, such as My Pal Scout, that will help with shapes, numbers and phonics through some great play ideas. These toys often give children a headstart as they learn through fun.

Below are a few ways toys help your children…

1. Develop their imagination and creativity with toys such as building blocks and play food which also teaches the different foods that they could try.

2. Drawing, painting, playing with dolls and cars all help aid their understanding of life and how to share with other children. As can role play toys such as a cooker or bubble lawn mower.

3. Teach animal sounds and phonics with the help of pre school computers and other hand held sounding toys. This type of toy can also help develop self confidence as they are designed specifically for their age and often don’t require parental help.

4. Cameras and electronic toys are a great way to express themselves and they can take pictures of their preschool teacher or new friends that they’ve met.

As they progress toward preschool toys learning games will help further enhance their confidence and learning ability.

5. Jigsaws are a great way to learn, start with reasonably big pieces that are easy to put together progressing at their own speed to smaller, more difficult jigsaws that can help teach geography – get them a GB map to complete and they’ll soon learn what the main towns and cities of the UK are and where to find them.

6. Again computers such as the Vtech Innotab are an ideal way to learn, with so many different programmes to try they continue to learn as they play problem solving and loads more all at their own pace.

As they get older technology is a great way to help them start solving problems…

7. As they progress through primary/junior school they will develop their independence and learn how to solve their own problems.

Now they will be using computers for more and more of their educational needs and if they have been playing with toy laptops since they were small moving on to the “real thing” will hold no fears for them.

8. Encourage group games such as football or netball, teaching them to swim will not only give them great exercise but might also one day, save their life.

We start to learn the minute we open our eyes in the morning and continue to do so until we close our eyes at night. We all develop in our own way and in our own time and so will your child.

Children are just so busy having fun they don’t realize that they’ve been learning all the time.

How do you help educate your children with toys? Do you have any other creative ideas? Comment below in the Comment box

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