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How Will The Cookie Crumble With The Great British Bake Off

Who will be able to digest(ive) the master challenge? Will anyone (flap)jack Howard’s creations?  This can only mean one thing it’s Biscuit and traybake week on the Great British Bake Off.

First off, after Alan Carr playing a clip of tonights episode where Mel tells Paul to go to his salsa classes I simply cannot wait to see Mr Hollywoods shirt  – anyone else think he is competing with Mary on fashion?

We said goodbye to Ali in last week’s episode but which contestant will leave us tonight?  We will just need to see how the cookie crumbles.

Mel and Sue who are the unsung heroes of the show and not just because of the blazers, will be tasting a variety of traybakes and biscuits – we just hope there is a festive one in there.

What winter traybakes are your favourite? We simply love an apple, pear and honey tray bake with a crumble on top.

Biscuits can make the perfect gift for Christmas or even as a tree decoration, so let’s get into the kitchen and make a crumblin mess!

Share your favourite Christmas biscuits and traybake’s below including links, pictures and comments!

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