How will you celebrate Bread Week?

Reach to the back of your cupboard and dust down your breadmaker and celebrate Bread Week which will take place between 16th and 22nd April 2013, by making some of your own.

Bread Week celebrates not only breadmakers but also high street bakers and the role (should that be roll?) that bread plays in our diet.

The smell of home made bread coming from your kitchen will make all the family feel hungry and national bread week is the ideal opportunity to show your love of dough.

Bread has been part of our daily diet for over 5000 years (just before I was born – the invention of the wheel was in fact one of my first attempts!) and your average slice contains fibre, protein, vitamins and iron and contains around 94 calories.

It is consumed all over the world and most of us will celebrate bread week without even realising.

Nothing smells and tastes quite as good as home made bread so why not celebrate bread week by trying some of these underthechristmastree’s suggestions

  • Have a bread party
  • Share your recipes with friends
  • Get the kids involved shaping the dough into animal shapes etc
  • Set up a bread tasting & coffee/tea morning at a local venue/village hall and give the takings to your favourite charity

Get in touch and let us know how will celebrate National Bread Week

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