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How Will You Celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday in the UK will be celebrated this year on Friday, 8th April.  This is the day when we commemorate the crucifixion, death and suffering of Jesus Christ and is a public holiday.

For many it’s a day off work where they can spend time with family and friends or take advantage of the spring weather to work in their gardens.   Many church goers will attend a special Good Friday church service and others may take advantage of the school holidays to take a short holiday in the sun.

Why is a day which commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus called ‘Good Friday’? Like many of these unusual names the true meaning has often been lost but it is thought that Good was a different spelling of God or it may originally have meant ‘holy’. Another theory is that the tragedy of the crucifixion of Jesus brought great ‘good’ to his followers.

Traditionally this is when we eat hot cross buns, these are made from dough with sugar,currants and spices have been added.  The cross which is marked on top of the bun is made from a flour and water paste. Usually the buns are split in half, toasted and spread with butter. The team at underthechristmastree love them topped with cheese. Mmm we’re drooling already.

How will you spend Good Friday?

Get in touch below and tell us what toppings you like on your hot cross buns.

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