Hungry Hungry Hippos to chomp onto the big screen

Hasbro strikes a deal with Emmett/Furla to turn the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos game into a blockbuster film.

Last week toy manufacturer Hasbro announced the brightly coloured plastic hippos would be turned into a movie – a task we would think will be difficult for even the cream of the crop of Hollywood directors.

Inspired by the success of the Transformers franchise which was directed by Michael Bay, Hungry Hungry Hippos wont be the only ones getting a Hollywood make-over as Monopoly and Britain’s Action Man are also rumored to be made into a film, we wonder if they will make the thimbles characters?

Film production company Emmett/Furla say it will make the three movies in the next two years, however the Hippos were previously part of a deal with Studio Universal which prompted a number of internet spoofs including one which see the hungry hippos rampaging across the world apocalyptic horror-movie style after environmental changes force them from their natural habitat.

As you will already know the family friendly game is for two to four players, who each choose their own colouful hippo (green, yellow, Pink or orange) and you try to gobble up as many white marbles from the middle of the playing area, whoever has the most wins.

Will the movie be based on hippos who are hungry? will they be in different colours? all we know is we kind of want to see it!

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