I don’t want this to be a boring Summer!

I don’t want this to be a boring Summer! The weather is unpredictable, money is tight and the kids want to do something different every day of the weekSound familiar?

Like most families up and down the UK you will be spending time with your children throughout the holidays, however with money and bad weather it’s difficult to know just exactly what fun things to do.

Below we have put together a list of fun activities you and the family can all do together over the break.

1 – Bring the outdoors, indoors.  Rain, wind or all of the above, shrug it off and bring the fun of outside inside.  Get out a blanket, fill up your picnic basket and have have a fun picnic in your lounge.

indoor picnic for wet days

2 – Arts & Crafts.  Kids love to create and be artistic so let their imagination run wild. Simply hunt around the house for old scraps of material, wool, paint, paper and watch them do their magic.

3 – Make a den.  Nothing beats making a den which you can hide and play in. Simply get some old duvet covers/sheet and some of mums pegs and start making your den the ultimate hideaway.

4 – Head to the park.  When a dry day does appear head to your local park and have a picnic as a family.  Invite friends and let the kids run off all that energy, however watch out for pigeons as nothing beats the sheer screams coming from parents as they swoop in for your food!

5 – Make Goodies.  Getting your hands sticky is all part of being a kid so heading into the kitchen with mum and dad to make a selection of goodies is fun and educational. Bake some cupcakes and your child can decorate, watch their face as you flip a pancake or even make some chocolate cornflakes.

kids baking

6 – Friends day.  Agree with all the other parents who are struggling to keep their summer holiday packed full of activities to agree that one day a week children can go round for some fun. Not only will parents get a little rest but children will love seeing their friends.

7 – Make a story book.  One of my favourites when i was little was making my very own story. Get some pens and paper or even mum or dads iPad out and get your child to write up a magical adventure. You will be very surprised at just how big your child imagination is.

8 – Let’s get outside.  Once the weather has perked up head outside for an epic adventure. Find animals, different plants and even if it has been a little wet you can jump in muddy puddles just like peppa.

9 – Cardboard box?  Been to the supermarket and put your shopping in a big cardboard box? Don’t just throw it out, your child could create a dolls house, London bus or even the Royal Palace out of it. This would keep your little one busy for days.

10 – Cinema Day.  The cinema can work out pretty expensive, especially when their is more than one child going along. Why not try something different and close the curtains, get the popcorn out and pop a family favourite DVD on – Less expensive and you can pause for extra toilet breaks.

home cinema day

11 – Local Events.  Check your local websites/papers and find out what free events are on.  These could be from historic castles to a free petting day at a local farm.

You can easily fill up the days for your kids during the summer holidays without having to spend a fortune or try and predict the weather.

How will you be making summer more fun?
Share your ideas below using our comments box.

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