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I grew up watching….

What TV shows did you watch when you were growing up and do you ever sneakily go on YouTube to watch them again?

This simply showtastic topic is trending on Twitter.

UTCT took to our followers on Twitter an put the #iGrewUpWatching question to them:

Some of the brilliant tweet’s so far:

#igrewupwatching – little house on the prairie … Every Sunday morning! That and the Waltons! X – Claire @babydoll8701

#IGrewUpWatching – Little Joe Mary Mungo & midge, Pogles Wood and Why Dont you….well I cant say that am very grown up now tho – Dollypop @MSEDollyp

#IGrewUpWatching – I Grew up watching The Rugrats! – gossip180 @gossip180

#IGrewUpWatching – dangermouse, supergran, thundercats, he-man, duckula, trapdoor, gummi bears, teenage mutant hero – angela hamilton@AngieH1980

#iGrewUpWatching I Grew up watching Grange Hill!!! Loved it!! – Kim Carberry@kimmer2111

Head to Twitter and read some of the fantastic answers: https://twitter.com

Add yours: ‘I Grew Up Watching….’

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