Iron Man 3 get’s posters LEGO-ized

A new set of Iron Man 3 posters have been given the LEGO treatment ahead of April release.

As we get closer to one of the most anticipated movie for the summer April 25th release date for Iron Man 3, more promotional events have started to kick in.  We have seen trailers, adverts, interviews and now we even have a new set of posters.

The posters have a fun twist to them as Tony Stark and Iron Man have been LEGO-ized.

The first picture shows Stark kneeling in the ocean with other Iron Suits blasting up into the air.

The second poster is LEGO iron man with Tony Stark’s goatee. He is surrounded by Lego iron man suits which he is admiring from the secret storage room, however it looks as though he is on edge as the Lego figure has his head turned.


The posters were released to build excitement among its younger fans and we could only assume that LEGO will release some sets based around the new Iron Man 3.

Will you be going to see the new Iron Man 3 film? Are your kids looking forward to seeing the new movie? Comment using our comments box below:

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