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Is Easter stealing The Christmas Limelight?

With bigger television ads, family feasts and lavish presents being bought, has Easter started to turn into a mini Christmas two?

Easter and Christmas certainly have a few things in common – Chocolate, family and of course Jesus Christ, however it seems Easter is starting to creep into Christmas territory… Let the bauble battle begin!

More television adverts than ever before and instead of your usual £1 egg with a cup (which lies at the bottom of the cupboard for years), families are buying children lavish gifts and luxury chocolates.

Homes are being decked out in pastel decorations and celebrities such as Mariah Carey are dressing up in bunny ears, all in the celebration of Jesus.

Supermarkets have increased the new and delicious Easter themed treats which are available,  not only for kids but the whole family. From a hearty main meal to the tasty fudge and chocolate hot cross buns has even the dinner been turned into mini Christmas two? We know we had a mini festive feast!

Has the commercialization of Easter turned the days into a more gift giving platform instead of Christianity?  With some of the UK’s biggest retailers suggesting that Easter is the second biggest selling time behind Christmas does it make sense to capitalize on those who are willing to shell out the cash?

Unlike Christmas which always occurs on December 25th, Easter doesn’t have a specific date because it always falls on the Sunday following the paschal moon and is the Sunday after Passover, but do you think it should have its very own day?

Did you buy more lavish presents this year and do you feel Easter is turning into a mini xmas day?

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