Is Gold the new Pink?

Meet GoldieBlox, she’s the new kid in town and rather than wearing a cute dress Goldie’s wearing her overalls and construction boots.

GoldieBlox is a toy company founded in 2012 by Debbie Sterling, a Stanford engineer said ‘Our mission is to inspire girls the way Legos and Erector Sets have inspired boys, for over 100 years, to develop an early interest and skill set in engineering. Goldie is the role model our girls have been waiting for to open their minds beyond the pink aisle at the toy store’.

Invented by US engineer Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox takes the form of a story book and construction kit.

In this range of toys Goldie, our blonde heroine, is ably assisted by her friends Nacho the dog, Benjamin Cranklin,’ a cat with attitude’, Katinka the dolphin ballerina, Phil the sloth and Flavio the Brazilian bear.

Her aim is to tackle a series of engineering challenges and in her first story Goldie has to build a spinning wheel, as Debbie Sterling explains “There’s just this moment of excitement for a girl when they wrap this ribbon around this wheel and they pull it and it spins,” she explains. “It’s such a basic engineering principle of a wheel spinning on an axle, but it is this magical moment for every girl I have tested.”

You can read more information about Goldie Blox on her website

What do you think of this new range of role model girls toys?  Will it make girls think of engineering as a career?  Has the day of the ‘fashion doll’ gone or will Goldie and Barbie share their styles? Comment us below using our comments box.

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