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Is it a mini guitar? – No! It’s a Ukelele

We were delighted when Groov >>e sent us over their latest musical instrument and without opening the box we passed it over to Elaine to put it through it’s paces. This is what she had to say:

“I really enjoy listening to music of all kinds but that’s where my knowledge of musical instruments stops, so I was more than surprised when the team passed me a very lightweight box. Inside was a cute, little red ukelele and a matching nylon carry case – instantly I could hear George Formby (OK, I’m showing my age) singing ‘I’m leaning on a lamppost on the corner of the street …..”

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Looking just like a little guitar the Groov>>e GVM110RD ukulele is handmade and it’s total length is just 540mm (approx 21 inches) and it’s unbelievably lightweight. I was surprised to discover that ukuleles were really popular with children and were, in fact, sweeping through schools throughout the country. This would make a great gift for a beginner and would make an unusual gift for people of all ages this Christmas.

With absolutely no musical knowledge whatsoever, I did try strumming the four cords in the hope that I’d get some kind of musical note from it, however all that happened was that the 2 office cats hissed and ran away. Anyone who had some knowledge of playing a guitar would find it fairy easy to get going and would have loads of fun mastering this instrument.

The Groov>>e Ukelele is available from Amazon

I have to say the ukelele really intrigued me and I loved the fact that it was in my favourite colour, although there are another five colours to choose from.

I discovered that a ukelele is actually a Hawaiian instrument.  I’d be interested in learning a bit more about how to play the ukelele and who knows I might get around to it one day. Because of it’s small size a ukelele is really easy to carry around and I fully understand why this musical instrument is having a huge resurgence in its popularity, especially with children.”

Does your child own a Ukelele or is it at the top of their Christmas list? Get in touch below and tell us about your child’s favourite musical instrument.

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