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Is It Rude To Shop Whilst Using Your Mobile Phone?

Following the recent news where a woman was refused service because she was talking on her mobile phone whilst she was checking out, we wondered, is it rude to shop whilst using your mobile phone?

In todays society, mobile phones are not just used as forms of communication. Many people use their mobile phones for different reasons. Some people like to talk to someone on the phone if they’re alone to feel safe, some people reply to emails at work, some people really do just forget what they went to the supermarket for and call someone to be reminded. Whatever your reason for using your mobile phone at the supermarket or any other shop for that matter, do you think it’s rude to talk to someone else while you checkout?

Some people find it infuriating to hear people shouting down their phones, oblivious to their surroundings, but this is not always the case. Many people use their phone sensibly and move out of passers-by’s way and quietly make their call without causing any hassle.

Some cashiers may find it frustrating when their customers cannot interact with them, and may feel hesitant to speak to them if they are on the phone at the time.

Of course, the same could be said for other forms of communications. Many people talk to other people waiting in the queue whilst checking out, many people also have someone with them who they may talk to at the time, is it now rude to talk to anyone else other than the cashier when at the checkout?

Perhaps supermarket etiquette should be a new self help book.

Would you refuse service to someone who was talking on the phone at the same time as checking out?  is it rude to shop whilst using your mobile phone?  Share your thoughts on the issue below.

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