Is your toddler smarter than a chicken?

A study has been released that can tell us that chickens are indeed cleverer than your average toddler.

It goes on to say that chickens may well be smarter than young children in both numeracy and basic skills.

Apparently hens are capable of self control, numeracy, reasoning and logic, traits which are normally appear in children over four.

The birds also have, according to Christine Nicol who was head of “The Intelligent Hen” study, an understanding of physics.

New born chicks have the ability to keep track of numbers up to five and they also know that if an object moves out of their sight it still exists, a baby doesn’t learn this until it is around a year old.

By the time the chicks are 2 weeks old they can navigate using the sun by taking into account both its height and position during the day as opposed to a baby who at 2 weeks is just starting to recognise you.

Christine Nicol, the BristolUniversity professor of animal welfare who reviewed 20 years of research on the topic, said it is wrong to think of chickens as being stupid.  Instead, we should realise that the birds have ‘many hidden depths’.

Not such bird brains after all.

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