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It’s A Christmas Miracle

Christmas has come early for many in Warwick after what can only be described as a christmas miracle!

In this intense summer heat, Aggie the reindeer, has christmas in her heart and gave birth to her first fawn.

As yet the baby reindeer remains unnamed. But staff at Hatton Country World, where the fawn was born are hoping this may soon change as they ask fans of their Facebook page for their suggestions. They also have the opportunity to win the chance to open the Christmas Grotto – the highlight and the park’s most poignant event of the year.

“Christmas is the mating season for reindeer, and the result is this beautiful new fawn. We want the thousands of visitors to come and see the reindeer and come up with a suitable name through Facebook. The nativity scene using real animals was a real attraction last year and we hope to repeat it for many years to come with more of our own farm-reared animals. Now we have an extra little helper ” said manager Richard Craddock.

There’s nothing more festive than a newborn reindeer.

What would you call the new baby fawn?

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