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It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

We knew it was forecasted but nothing quite prepares you for that moment when you jump (?) out of bed and take a quick peek out of the window to find that everything’s white.

Picture perfect it may well be but it’s no easy task for those struggling to get to work.

With roads closed and many schools closed for the day how are parents managing to get to work?

As for the children, how will they cope with an enforced day off school? It’s not as if they’d like to go out and play in the white stuff – would they?

I doubt any parent ever saw their kids run out doors so quickly when it was school time.

Since they are going to be at home all day – forget the housework – get on your coat and boots and go play in the snow with the kids.

If you’ve time to take some fun in the snow snaps we’d love to see them.

The pictures shown were taken this morning, at 9.00am outside my back door.  Brrrrrrrr!

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