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Cranberry and orange, Brie, Stilton or a good old mature cheddar, you simply cannot beat a good selecton of Cheeses come Christmas. We were kindly sent these cheeses to review.

Have you noticed more and more stores across the UK have been putting together a selection of Cheese hampers, boards, gifts and even bringing out a range of festive flavours for Christmas? Well we wanted to put some of them to the test.

Tesco’s sent us through a few of it’s xmas selection including the Cheesecake Tower and the Cheese and Tomato pastry balls.

You can view Tesco’s cheese boards and ideas here: Tesco Cheese Boards & Gifts

The cheese tower which looks pretty impressive featured Blue Stilton, brie, cranberry and something else.   These seem to be most popular in every supermarket when it comes to hampers and cheese boards.

Tesco’s blue Stilton is very strong and full of flavour however, if like Katy in the office, you don’t like Stilton, then this may not one for you. For the rest of us who do, this goes amazingly well with oatcakes and even a topping of chutneys.  The cranberry and —– really is perfect for after a main meal, as the fruit is full of flavour, it not only tasted lovely but looked a treat on the table. Brie, not one of my (Elaine) personal favourites but I can manage a small amount,  was a good size and again had a good flavour and was easy to cut – unlike some which just seems to stick to the knife!

Moving onto the Cheese and Tomato pastry balls – yes, it really was a cheese feast in the office! These tasted lovely hot and had a good cheese taste. If you are not keen on tomato then these may not be for you as you really can taste the tomato.  We loved them and feel they would be fantastic for a children’s party or even to hand out as a little snack when entertaining.

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t buy some really stinky cheese and with so many option’s to choose from, you can guarantee there is one to your liking.

Struggling to find a present for that one person?  Take a look at Tesco’s cheese hampers but do it nearer the time or you will end up eating it!

What is your favourite Cheese?  Will you be buying cheese this Christmas as either a gift, hamper or for youself?  Comment below.

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