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It’s National Doughnut Week – what’s your favourite Christmas filling

It’s national doughnut week and we’re asking you what would be your favourite Christmas filling?

Put the diet into mothballs because this week is doughnut week and we’re being encouraged to eat these tasty, round, sugary goodies.

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Feeling guilty? Don’t be – because every doughnut you buy from participating bakeries between 9th-16th May 2015 will help raise money for The Children’s Trust.

These little round bites of deliciousness are usually ring shaped, deep fried and may or may not have a centre hole. With so many to choose from which will be your favourite – it could be plain with a dusting of sugar, covered in icing, filled with jam, custard or cream.

So get on down to your local participating bakery and treat the family to a selection of doughnuts and help The Children’s Trust’s National Doughnut Week  along the way – you can always start your summer cut down again on Monday!

Don’t forget to get in touch below and tell us what would be your favourite Christmas doughnut filling. I think mine might be Christmas pudding and cream.

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