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It’s National Play Day!

Today, Wednesday 7th August 2013, is National Play Day! The annual event is usually held on the first Wednesday of August, and celebrates children’s right to play.

Today, there are to be hundreds of events held across the UK to celebrate National Play Day, which will encourage children all over the country to play.

Playing is important for children, for many reasons. Children can play with other children their own age, allowing them a little bit of independence and encourages them to be kind to other children and to share their toys. Of course, there are many educational benefits that come with playing with other children. For example, playing with other children really helps to encourage your child’s speech and of course to learn the importance of rules. Colour co-ordination and sound activated toys are always really beneficial to your child’s education from a very young age.

Another great advantage of playing for children, is that it can help to improve your child’s fitness levels. If you encourage your child to be active from a young age, it is more likely that your child will have good fitness levels and will maintain a healthy weight as they grow into adults.

Aside from all of that, playing is fun and who doesn’t love to see our children having fun? there’s nothing more infectious than a child’s laugh if you ask us.

Each year, National Play Day have a new theme, and this year, the theme is ‘Playful Places’. Playful Places is an excellent theme for the event as it asks everyone to come together to ensure the places that children play in and live in, are safe and happy environments.

Are you are having your own National Play Day event? Comment below and let us know.

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