It’s Party Time With Mrs Brown’s Boys The Ultimate Party Game

Everyone’s favourite mammy is back with Mrs Brown’s Boys The Ultimate Party Game. This comical board game has everything you would expect, drawing, acting, talking non-stop and ‘What am I?’ So when UTCT received this game we couldn’t wait to try it! We were kindly sent this to review.

At first glance the front of the box has all of the characters from the award-winning show on it, then we too out all of the pieces included in the box.

There is 4 playing pieces, dice, 80 yellow performing cards, 20 What am I Cards, Drawing Pad, Timer, Pencil, Headgear and instructions.  The game requires 2 or more teams and is suitable for ages 16 years and over, because as you can expect Mrs Brown has a way with words!

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You can buy Mrs Brows Boys The Ultimate Party Game from AMAZON UK.

We had two teams, John and Katy in one team and Holly and Elaine in the other.  John and Katy’s team went first after rolling the highest number on the dice.  They rolled the dice and moved around the board, undertaking the challenges on the squares.

There are four different categories; Draw, Act, Talk or ‘What am I?’.  The team then took a Performing Card and had to try and draw about the word of that card (Katy’s drawing wasn’t the best…) but is not just as easy that as there is a random timer which lasts anywhere between 20-45 seconds and if it goes off Mrs Brown speaks!

Holly & Elaine were up next and after throwing the dice, they landed on ‘What am I?’ square and then the card is put on the head of the player and with the other players only answering only yes or no they have to guess what they are before Mrs Brown speaks, luckily the tasks were completed before Mrs Brown spoke Holly and Elaine were able to throw the dice again and move around the board.  If Mrs Brown had giggled before they were able to guess what was on the card they have to stay put, ‘That’s nice’ or ‘Would you like a cup of tea love’ means that the player can then move one square but if any other comments are made by the mammy herself then you have to move back two squares!

The winners of this game were Holly & Elaine who got all the way around the board and landed on the ‘Party Night’ square which ended the game. Mrs Brown’s Boys The Ultimate Party Game is a hilarious game which is guaranteed to have everyone laughing!

Take a look at our step-by-step demonstration on how to play Mrs Brown’s Boys The Ultimate Party Game from our official YouTube channel below:

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