JAM Transit Wireless Stereo Headphones

HeadphonesListen to your favourite music and take calls when you’re on the move with the Jam Transit Wireless Stereo Headphones, perfect for biking, hiking and travelling.

Completely wireless these headphones feature bluetooth functionality up to 30 feet – with no cords! Easily switch from music to to calls- these headphones are perfect for hands free talking wherever you go.

JAM Transit Wireless Stereo Headphones are available from Amazon

As Holly is our regular music guru and is rarely seen without ear bud headphones attached, we passed the Jam Transit Stereo Headphones over to her and this is what she had to say:

“I usually wear ear bud headphones and rarely use the on-ear variety as I find them heavy, bulky and often quite uncomfortable, however it would be great to get rid of my bugbear – the dreaded cord!

As over the ear headphones go, these are relatively light in comparison to others I’ve tried and I found it really easy to set up and quickly connected to my phone, the fact that it came pre-charged was a huge bonus. With a range of about 30 feet, I set off wandering around underthechristmastree HQ, listening to some of my favourite tunes – all in the interest of science of course – not that I was skiving off work, as if! I couldn’t believe what a difference it made being wireless; here I was – wandering around singing along with Ed Shearan while my phone was left on my office desk.

The headphones come in a clear, hard plastic box that neatly clips shut. It’s the perfect storage space for your headphones and would easily slip into a backpack or handbag for taking them with you. Inside the plastic box you will also find a charging cable, your 2 year guarantee and an instruction manual.Headphones boxed

With up to 11 hours playtime on a single charge, you shouldn’t need to recharge these headphones too often but the low battery indicator will flash red when recharging is required, and will switch off when fully charged. To recharge plug the micro USB into the charging port on the right ear phone and connect to either the USB port on a computer or a wall charger – my one disappointment so far is the absence of an adapter.

I was surprised at just how soft and comfortable these headphones were and was impressed that they didn’t move around as I walked. All the controls can be found on the outside of the right ear piece, you’ll find up and down volume buttons, previous and next track buttons and the centre button is on/off and play and pause, all really simple and it didn’t take me long to get to grips with them.Headphones controls

The headphone also has a built in mic and doubles up as a speakerphone, again it’s really simple to operate using the button on the right ear phone. I asked Mandy to give me a call, to chat with her all I had to do was press the centre button (the play & pause) and we both heard each other clearly.

I was delighted that HoMedics sent us over the Jam transit headphones and I thoroughly enjoyed putting them through their paces.   I felt they were very comfortable and the sound was good – they really did make me think again about on-ear headphones.

I think they’d make a great Christmas/birthday gift for others in the family who like to watch and listen to different devices.”

Do you use over the ear headphones or do you prefer the ear-bud variety? Get in touch below, we’d be interested to know.

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