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Jamie Oliver’s Top Christmas Moments

The naked Chef, Jamie Oliver turns the big 4-0 (yes 40) today, and to celebrate, we’re going to look back at Jamie’s top Christmas moments from the very beginning, and as he turns 40 we had to look pretty far back…sorry Jamie!

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Jamie’s top Christmas moments:

First came The Naked Chef series, which stripped food (not Jamie) down to it’s bare essentials, then came the Christmas special where we learned that “folksy” Jamie liked to give lemon preserve as Christmas presents and his Mum helped make the ultimate Christmas dinner, all in all there were three Xmas specials aired, you can watch the first one below:


Next came the three follow up books (published by Penguin Books) to the series called The Naked Chef, The Return of the Naked Chef and Happy Days, with Happy Days becoming becoming the official Christmas No.1 in 2001 in the non-fiction chart. Buy Happy Days from Amazon UK

In 2002 Jamie took on more big challenges to shake up the government including Jamie’s Kitchen which gave those who were not in full time education and employment a chance to get training in his restaurants and then went onto Jamie’s School dinners – however there were no Christmas episodes or moments in these…darn!

Speeding our way through to 2005 when his book Jamie’s Great Italian Escape went to number one in the UK and sold more copies in the week before Christmas than any other non-fiction book has ever done.

One of our favourite series (and we’re sure yours too!) was in 2009 called Jamie’s Family Christmas. Viewers got five episodes (not enough in our opinion) of nothing but Christmas food, drink and laughter from nearly everyone, in Jamie’s family. From killer chocolate mousse, pomegranate shots and of course leftover recipes.

Heading into late 2006 and early 2007 we got a chance to see how Jamie grew and used food from his garden this was quickly followed on by another festive episode where the popular chef brought in guests including Brian the gardener!

Autumn 2010 brought us Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals, even though there was no Christmas show, but plenty of recipes we could use for the big day, “Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals” book became the fastest selling book in the UK off all time and had sold over one million before Christmas.

Christmas With Bells On? Yes please! in 2011 over on Channel 4, Jamie showed us everything you needed to know about food for the big day. Showing us how Christmas can be fun and stress free with just a little preparation, the TV series had the main man outside cooking in the snow…not something we would do in a hurry. You can watch the advert below:


FoodTube was brought to us in 2013 where you could go online and watch Jamie cook up a storm and this also featured many of his famous Christmas ideas and recipes – we still watch some of these today.

Moving right up to 2014 where we had an abundance of festive treats, not only did Jamie’s website have hundreds of recipe ideas including sweet glazed carrots, Christmas pudding and ice cream and least not forget his famous hot chocolate, which if we look at right now we WILL have to make one. Taking comfort food to a new level, Jamie took all of the nations favourites and reinvented them. With some Christmas inspired recipes the book was always on our list to Santa.

As for 2015, Jamie is now forty years old and we can only hope that he will celebrate by doing even more fun, delicious and exciting recipes and of course lots more Christmas specials.

There you have it, our top Christmas moments by Jamie Oliver!

Did we forget to mention one? Have you got a favourite Xmas recipe from the main man himself? or simply want to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, do so below!

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