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Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall

New from Spin master is the cute Kawaii Crush Hyper Happy Mall set which we were kindly sent and which features:

  • Hollie Mollie Doll
  • Accessories
  • Pets
  • Suitable for age 4+

Open the bright and colourful box and enter the world of Kawaii Crush.  The hyper happy mall playset measures 49.6 x 33 x 8.6cm and contains 36 pieces.

Kids can let their imagination run wild as they visit the pet shop, boutique, photo booth and snack bar.

Kawaii in Japanese means cute and this perfectly describes this playset, with 3 adorable pets, a kitten, poodle and rabbit in the pet shop and a burger shaped cafeteria where you can choose from a burger, chips and a drink as you sit on the food shaped chairs.

Cutie Hollie Mollie with her bright pink hair (I think I’ve seen that hair colour before – could it be on underthechristmastree’s Holly?) is going to visit the photo booth to have her picture taken.

As she steps inside and draws the bright pink curtain behind her she’s glad she visited the Boutique for a new outfit.  Katy said it reminded her of  when she was  younger and it was all about polly pockets except this is a whole lot bigger and brighter.

This playset is so bright and colourful and has so many accessories to change around it will keep any lucky child age 4 and over happily occupied, and what’s more is you can also go online and watch webisodes featuring the fun and quirky characters.

There are many small parts so please keep out of reach of younger children. Perfect as a Christmas present or toy for over the festive period.

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