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Keep your ipad and e-reader fashionable this summer

It’s well into summer holiday weather and providing the sun continues to shine, or your heading off abroad for the hols, it’s time to hit the beach and catch some of those rays.

We were kindly sent one of these to review but all thoughts are our own.

If like me you like to read while relaxing in the sun it may not just be you who needs to look there best and get there own factor 50 on.

Your poor e-reader, tablet, or mobile phone may need some holiday essentials to ensure they are always at their best too.

The glare from sunlight could make reading difficult so an anti-glare screen protector may help a little.

Electronic devices don’t like water or sand, so a waterproof cover is pretty essential or if you’ve spent all your hard earned cash on the holiday, a zip-lock bag will do the job and you can still use your touch screen through the plastic.

One e-reader looks just like any other until you’re up close and personal with it – so how would you spot yours if someone accidentally picks up the wrong device?

Before heading off on your hols treat your devices to some new clothes too. Something that makes your e-reader and tablet stand out from the rest.

I treated my e-reader and tablet to a cover from Lente Designs, who have a good range of stylish and functional cases, covers and bags for your devices to choose from.

I chose pink roses for myself and a colourful stripey one (smithy stripes) for my other half, both arrived quickly and well packaged. The kindle covers are good quality and fasten with a magnetic clip. I chose a red bubbles cover for my ipad, it’s a lovely and bright so it really stands out making it’s easy to find where I’ve left it.

Now we’re all dressed up we’re ready for our holidays its time to pack the cases.

These cases were sent to us by Lente Designs.

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