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Keep Your Wine At The Perfect Temperature With Corkcicle One

Imagine it, you’ve got a wine glass in one hand and your favourite wine in the other, you pour it into your glass, take a drink and it’s warm…now if like us you like your wine to be chilled then the Corkcicle One is the gadget for you.

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent one of these by Root7 and here are our thoughts below.

When you first take this stainless steel kitchen gadget out of the box we noticed that it was all glass and completely see through.  You can see the rod that goes into the wine bottle to keep it chilled and it isn’t too heavy to lift.   On one side of the cube there is a set of 3 easy to follow instructions which we followed, however before all of this we washed,dried and placed the corkcicle into the freezer for around an hour and a half.

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The Corkcicle One is available to buy at Amazon UK.

Then we picked our favourite bottle of white wine and poured a small amount out to make room for the Corkcicle One…any excuse for a cheeky sip! Putting it into the bottle of wine was very easy as it simply slid inside the bottle, once in, there is a cap on the top which keeps the wine fresh when you’re not pouring.  When you move the cap it reveals a flute which makes it easy to pour the wine.   Once you have finished using simply close the lid again to keep the Corckcicle cold and it will stop any from spilling out..bonus!

It was time to put the wine to the test – would it be at the ideal temperature or would it be so cold that we couldn’t drink it until it had warmed up a little? We are pleased to say that after tasting the wine several times…we had to make sure it tasted nice! The bottle of wine stayed cold for quite sometime..well as long as it look us to finish the bottle of wine which wasn’t too long as there were 5 of us having a glass!

Once we were finished with this, we simply removed the rod out of the empty wine bottle, washed and dried it and placed it back inside the Corkcicle One, ready to be used all over again.

Overall we thought the Corkcicle One by Root7 is the ideal gadget for any wine lover this Christmas.  Nothing beats the taste of a nice chilled bottle of wine at the exact temperature that it is supposed to be drank at and it will stay chilled until the bottle is finished.

Corkcicle One is available to buy at Amazon UK.

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