Kid Friendly Picnic Lunches

It’s a beautiful day, far too good to spend at home and on the spur of the moment you decide to take the kids for a picnic.

This is the point when realisation dawns and the question “What on earth can I put in a picnic” comes bursting into your mind.

We’ve put together a few simple ideas that can quickly be put together for a speedy picnic lunch for all the family.

Sometimes you don’t have time to prepare for a picnic, but don’t allow this to put you off. Kids love to pick their own food and assemble it on their own. Here are a few suggestions:

Put together a quick egg salad, leave the eggs whole, add a few small cherry tomatoes, chunks of cheese and a bag of mixed salad.

Take a selection of fruit with you – these are always popular

Packs of crisps

Bread Sticks or small baguettes

Small sausage rolls

If you have enough time you could also make wraps  or even better take them in the packet and get them to make their own

Individual small pork pies

Scotch Eggs

Put together some dried fuit, nuts and other small bite sized sweet and salty snacks such as sunflower seeds, pretzels, peanuts, etc. and make up a small bag for everyone.  This is an ideal snack for eating on the go.

Don’t forget to pack some plastic forks, plastic cups and wipes!

Does your family have a favourite picnic food that’s quick and easy to put together.

Get in touch and tell us what your kids’ favourite picnic foods are.

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