Kids create one El (-rond) of a LEGO Sculpture

Two teenage boys create 50,000 LEGO sculpture based on the famous Lord of the Rings Rivendell city.

The Lego Lord of the Rings sets are definitely something to be proud of building but we can’t compete with this huge version of Rivendell, home of Elrond and his family and just to make us even more gobsmacked it was created by kids!

Weighing nearly 10 stone the 50,000 piece (yes you read right 50 thousand!) LEGO sculpture was created by two teenage boys who are called Blake Baer and Jack Bittner from Pennsylvania in the United States – we think you can expect lego HQ to be given them a call pretty soon!

Fans of Lord of the Rings will be awestruck when they see the detail that these teenagers have put into the elven city in middle-earth.

You  will notice they have included all the features you see in the film when Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry go to Rivendell to be part of the council even though some of the Hobbits were not supposed to be there.

You can see the area where the council was held, the waterfalls and more stunning buildings.

You can build from seven Lord of the Rings Lego set’s just now (unless you want to create your own like the boys) but if not check out the sets which are available here:  Lego Lord of the Rings

Well done to both of the boys for creating such an iconic and HUGE part of Lord of the Rings with only just LEGO bricks!

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