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Kids Get Tattoo’s For Their Own Safety

We never thought we’d see the day where kids get tattoo’s for their own safety, but that day has arrived. A new range of temporary tattoo’s are available which can be personalised to every child and can state things such as allergies and emergency contact numbers.

Safetytat’s are brightly coloured temporary tattoo’s which feature illustrations of what your child is sensitive or allergic to. From nuts to seafood, many children are allergic to everyday things,  which can often be overlooked when not highlighted. By wearing one of these tattoo’s, you can advise people who to call and what to do in case of an emergency.

The tattoo’s are perfect for your child’s first day at school or even on a camping trip. They truly are ideal when your child is in any ‘new’ environment.

“People need to understand that their child’s friend might have a food allergy and be sensitive to certain snacks.  For foods that are not packaged, such as food in a restaurant, they need to every time have a conversation with the restaurant staff regarding their food allergies”  Said Dr beausoleil.

You can also get safetytat’s for children with diabetes or other medical conditions.

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