Krazy Kats

This is no longer They may look soft and cuddly but  Krazy Kats are much much, more than that.

Behind the cute exterior and the pretty pink nose lurks the Kraziest katz you’ve ever seen.

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First seen at the London 2012 Toy Fair these cute critters from are something to behold.

They have a mind of their own; and they will do whatever it takes to get attention.

How Many Krazy Kats are there?

There are three Krazy Katz in the range

            • Sooty – the black and white cat
            • Ginger – the cute ginger coloured cat
            • Tiddles – the grey and white cat

Full of outrageous personality each of these kats from Mint Toys are designed to make children laugh out loud as they meow, giggle and bop their heads.

There are hours of fun to be had with these motion activated pets.

What Sounds do the Krazy Katz Make?

With 5 hilarious sounds each Kat when activated will Bob up and down as they:

            • Purr
            • Meow
            • Fart
            • Giggle
            • Snore

No one will be able to sneak into your room when your Krazy Kats are on guard. Suitable for age 3 and over and priced at around £15 each they will provide hours of fun as they become your best friend.

Do They Require Batteries?  Yes they each require 3 x AAA batteries.  Demonstration batteries are included but like all of this type of battery we would advise getting in some spares because this is one toy you will not want to turn off.

When you just can’t laugh anymore there’s a switch on the base that allows you to turn it off.

Specifications for Krazy Kats

            • manufactured by
            • come with demonstration batteries
            • 3 in the range

Tears were streaming down our faces as we reviewed these toys and when we put a few together the effect was outrageous. Take a look at the youtube that we created for the Krazy Kats and you will see just how much fun you will have with these amazing characters. Also available in the range are the three Mad Mutzz – Dexter, Fido and Max.

Review the Krazy Katz

What do you think of these fun kats, do you know someone who would love one?  Let us know what you thought of them – we’d love to know.

This is no longer available.

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