Kurio Smartwatch: The Ultimate Smart Watch For Kids This Christmas

With Christmas firmly on our doorsteps, we can’t help but wonder what is likely to be on our children’s wishlists for Father Christmas this 2016. One thing is for sure, the new Kurio Smart Watch will be a firm favourite.


Kurio is a brand that children love thanks to their products which allow children to use smart technology safely. Newly released is the Kurio Smart Watch, which we are certain will adorn many a wish list for Santa Claus this 2016!

Children can enjoy using the Kurio Smart Watch for gaming, interacting and educating by using the touch screen, which also features a camera and video recorder with 256MB of internal memory.

You can even customise the interface and take part in multiplayer gaming thanks to Bluetooth technology. Kids can even play by using movement thanks to the built in motion sensor.


The smart watch allows kids to interact with their friends with text messaging, photo’s and even drawings. There’s an SD card slot too, which means adding extra memory is simple.

We sent Elaine off to try this out!

Elaine said:

“I expected the watch to be much bulkier when I heard about it, Thankfully it’s slimline enough not to be bigger than the hand of the user! Obviously, being an adult, my hands and fingers are somewhat bigger than the average child and so I thought using the touch screen would be difficult. The screen is quite sensitive, so actually I didn’t have much trouble using it.

The watch comes with all of the basic features such as an alarm, Calendar & Calculator which is great to show youngsters how to time manage. It also means parents can set the alarm for school on the watch instead of your bedside table – 10 extra minutes in bed? I’m sold already!

The watch has a front facing camera for taking selfies, has an inbuilt speaker and can be paired with a phone for hands free calls – It’s basically a mobile phone in a watch! It’s very similar to an adult smart watch but more child friendly.

Tip: Don’t play the games. They’re addictively good and I always loose. This is certain to be a hit for Christmas!”

Elaine seems to be sold on the new Kurio Watch! For more information and to buy, click here.

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